Occupational Medicine Consultants

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Board Certified Occupational & Environmental Medicine MDs

  Thomas C. Jetzer MD, MPH, FACOEM
AME 1st class; HIMS Monitor
Gerald F. Peterson MD, MPH,
AME 1st Class; HIMS Monitor
Richard F. Hirt MD
FACOEM; AME 1st Class

We're here for you @ 952-920-5663 or 1-800-537-3099

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Office Address:
6515 Barrie Road
Edina, Minnesota 55435

Scheduling and Information: 952-920-5663 - Option 1
Administration: 612-327-4926
Business office: 952-924-1641
Drug Testing/MRO office: 952-924-1640
EMAIL/services inquiry: OMCinquiry@ehapsa.com
For @ your location services: OMCinquiry@ehapsa.com

Occupational Medicine Consultants and services can be performed at YOUR location nationwide: For ON Site services, please contact the coordinator @ 952-920-5663.

Occupational Health and Safety Services

Occupational Medicine Consultants Services:

Pre placement and Periodic exams for all occupations and all government agencies.
Coast guard; DOT; FAA; FRA; FTA; Nuclear; Pipeline; RSPPA 

Law Enforcement, Firefighter; Public Works, pre hire and periodic health care

Educational Health & Wellness – Health Fairs and Presentations

Environmental Consulting;  Work Site Evaluations

Injured Worker Care:  work comp care; disability management; fitness for duty

On Site Services
Ergonomic assessments; exams, health fair events, education surveillance testing   
Nationally certified MD DOT exams; health fair events; educational programs

OSHA surveillance programs

       Hearing Conservation
       Blood borne and Air borne pathogen
       Respirator Wearer Protection programs
       **Questionnaire Reviews On Line

Forensic Specimen collections

DATIA certified collectors

Educational programs

Occupational Health Nurse and/or Occupational Medicine MD Consultations

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Occupational Medicine Consultants, Ltd.
6515 Barrie Road Suite 150
Edina, Minnesota 55435
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Occupational Medicine Consultants Services:
Aviation Medical (FAA) | Firefighter Exams (1582) | Law Enforcement local, regional, federal.
DOT; FRA; FTA; Coast Guard; RSPA

| Injured Worker Ambulatory | OSHA Medical Surveillance |
DATIA Certified Collectors |
Fitness for Duty Evaluations | Ergonomic/Environmental Health Consultation |
Occupational Medicine & Occupational Health Nursing Consultations |
At your location services (OMC ON SITE Services) |
Travel Medicine/Health and Wellness Initiative Programs |

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