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Occupational Medicine Consultants is full service occupational, preventive and environmental medicine practice. It is privately owned. Established in 1988. Located in Minneapolis, OMC provides local, national and international occupational medicine consultation and related health services.

It is owned and staffed by health care providers trained and certified in occupational health. The goal of OMC is to provide the highest quality of service to its clients and to resolve their occupational health needs through preventive and clinical medical services.

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OMC has national and international relationships with providers of occupational medicine/worker's health services. OMC provides assistance and implementation for clients needing to establish sources for occupational medicine/ health needs in the US and around the world.


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Occupational Medicine Consultants, Ltd.
6515 Barrie Road Suite 150
Edina, Minnesota 55435
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Occupational Medicine Consultants Services:
Aviation Medical (FAA) | Firefighter Exams (1582) | Law Enforcement local, regional, federal.
DOT; FRA; FTA; Coast Guard; RSPA

| Injured Worker Ambulatory | OSHA Medical Surveillance |
DATIA Certified Collectors |
Fitness for Duty Evaluations | Ergonomic/Environmental Health Consultation |
Occupational Medicine & Occupational Health Nursing Consultations |
At your location services (OMC ON SITE Services) |
Travel Medicine/Health and Wellness Initiative Programs |

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